Automated License Generator, Manager and Verifier System

Automated License Generator, Manager and Verifier System for Mobile and Desktop Applications

Feature Highlights

l i c m a x ™   automatically generates and manages license keys for mobile and small-device applications at point-of-sale. It leverages on the concept of Dynamic Licensing widely adopted and facilitated by online app stores.

Licensing and protecting your apps is mostly a matter of configuration at licmax™. Minimal coding is needed in your app to verify the license key. Reference Implementations for various platforms are provided.

With licmax™, you will have a solution for your application licensing and copy-protection needs including the following features.

Automated Licensing

Legitimate requests for license keys from online app stores and your own site are always served. You don't need to pay ahead for and/or generate a pool of license keys to be available for anticipated purchases of your product.

Fetch License Key™

Your customers no longer have to enter the license key manually. Instead, the application can obtain it programmatically at runtime. Typically, either the online app store and/or licmax™ send the license key to the buyer of your app via email. The buyer would then enter the key in your app once when it first runs. Entering a sequence of alphanumeric characters using the device keyboard is a cumbersome and error prone operation. See Fetch License Key™ for more details.

Get License Info

At runtime and at any point in time, your application can query licmax™ for detailed info on its license. Say you want to prompt the user of your app a meaningful and personalized message about the expiration of the trial period and want him to buy a permanent copy. The info returned from the get license info request enables you to do that. Returned info include the user name and email, expired or not, its life, dates of activation and expiration, whether it was decommissioned or not, etc. See Get License Info for more details.

Online and Offline License Verification

If the application can connect to the internet, it can check the validity of its license key by making a request to licmax™. Developers have complete control over when and how often their application verifies the validity of its license key. License Verification requests are free and unlimited.

If the application can not connect to the internet, it can apply the algorithm you chose for the license key generation when you configured the product instance. licmax™ provides license key generation mechanism using industry standard hash algorithms including SHA1, SHA2, MD5.

License Key Management

You have full control over your generated license keys. licmax™ provides you with the interfaces for the following and more.

  • Full view of all generated keys. For easy viewing, get to filter by online app store, product, issue date, etc.
  • Decommission and Recommission a license key. When a customer buys and returns your application, he retains the copy of your app on the device and can continue to use it for free. If you decommission its license key, the app would eventually get to know its key is invalid. It would then follow your design on how to proceed when its key is invalid. You can always recommission a license key if the situation demands that.
  • Transfer license key to another device. If for any reason your customer's device running your app gets damaged and the owner wishes to continue running your app on a new device, you can transfer the license key originally issued for the damaged device to the new device.

On-Demand Analytic Reporting

Licmax™ provides valuable, comprehensive market analysis and business intelligence needed to understand how an application is being purchased and utilized by end-users. On-demand analytics provide valuable information such as how many copies of an application were purchased, at what store, its frequency of use and abuse, and end-user demographics.

Pay-Per-Use Pricing and Flexible Payment

There are no up-front costs or hidden fees to use licmax™. You only pay for the licenses you use. You can view the balance of how much you owe and can choose to pay the balance per product or a portion of it.

Reference Implementation Provided

Reference Implementations for various platforms are provided for your convenience. The licmax™ Reference Implementations demonstrate the source code for fetching and verifying license keys for a variety of platforms including BlackBerry RIM™, Symbian OS™ and Android™. Developers may also use the simple licmax™ HTTP APIs to implement themselves license verification in any language and on any platform they desire. See Reference Implementations