Automated License Generator, Manager and Verifier System

Automated License Generator, Manager and Verifier System for Mobile and Desktop Applications

Licensing Concepts

l i c m a x ™  makes licensing for mobile and small-device applications easy. As a mobile application owner, licmax™ gives you a wide selection of attributes to choose from when configuring the license key generation for your product.

Licmax™ honors license acquirement requests from any online app store (including your own site) each time it sells a copy of your application. License verification for your application can be performed online at runtime at whatever interval you have designed. If the target platform is disconnected, you can choose to let licmax™ generate Hashed license key which you can verify offline using algorithms provided by that platform.

Licensing Automated

The license key is generated at the request of the online app store or your own site each time it sells a copy of your application. The key gets sent to the buyer via email (or other means) by the online app store and/or licmax™. At runtime, the application verifies the validity of its license key with licmax™ online if it finds an internet connection. Along with online verification, it can also apply the offline verification algorithm regardless of whether it finds internet connection or not. Online and Offline verification processes produce the same outcome. Applying one is usually enough but applying both makes it much harder for pirates to figure out your code.

Fetch License Key™

l i c m a x ™ provides you with the unique Fetch License Key™ feature. Your customers no longer have to enter the license key manually. Instead, let your application obtain it programmatically. See how developers can incorporate this feature in the application.

Get License Info

At runtime and at any point in time, your application can query licmax™ for detailed info on its license. Say you want to prompt the user of your app a meaningful and personalized message about the expiration of the trial period and want him to buy a permanent copy. The info returned from the get license info request enables you to do that. Returned info include the user name and email, expired or not, its life, dates of activation and expiration, whether it was decommissioned or not, etc. See how developers can incorporate this feature in the application.

Decommission & Recommission License Key

Get to Decommission and later (if need be) Recommission license keys. Once a license key is decommissined, any subsequent online license key verification would always result in "Not Authorized" response. Some app stores have a policy of allowing buyers of apps to return the purchase within a period of time. The app is still on the buyer's device and can continue to run. If you decommission the key, the app would eventually get a "Not Authorized" response on subsequent key varification requests. You can always recommission the key again if you need to.

Transfer License Key

Some app buyers desire to run the app on a different device other than the one they bought it from. You can easily transfer the key to the other device using the "Transfer License Key" function in the system. Another case whare you need to take advanatge of this feature is when the device used to buy the app gets damaged or lost and the owner replaced it by another device.

Offline License Verification

For applications intended to run on disconnected device, licmax™ generates a hashed digest as the license key. The hash digest is calculated from the customer's device ID, a secret message that you choose and the hash algorithm ( SHA-1, SHA-2, MD5, etc.) that you also choose. This is configured when Adding a Product Instance at licmax™. The application can check at runtime the validity of its license key by running the same algorithm on the same set of parameters as at licmax™. The output can be compared with the one obtained from licmax™. If they match, the license is valid. Otherwise, invalid. See how developers can incorporate this feature in the application.

Online License Verification

The application can verify the validity of the license key by issuing an HTTP request to licmax™. It can verify as often as the designer sees suitable for the product. This is suitable for applications intended to run on connected device. See how developers can incorporate this feature in the application.

License Generation Mechanism

Licmax™ generates two types of license - Dynamic and Hashed. Dynamic license keys are verified online as the application runs on a device connected to the internet. Hashed license key verification is performed as mentioned above.

License Key Management

You have full control over your generated license keys. licmax™ provides you with the interfaces for the following and more.

  • Full view of all generated keys. For easy viewing, get to filter by online app store, product, issue date, etc.
  • Decommission and Recommission a license key. When a customer buys and returns your application, he retains the copy of your app on the device and can continue to use it for free. If you decommission its license key, the app would eventually get to know its key is invalid. It would then follow your design on how to proceed when its key is invalid. You can always recommission a license key if the situation demands that.
  • Transfer license key to another device. If for any reason your customer's device running your app gets damaged and the owner wishes to continue running your app on a new device, you can transfer the license key originally issued for the damaged device to the new device.
The licmax™ Guidance
licmax Guidance

l i c m a x ™ can help you introduce your product to the marketplace in a controlled and guided manner. You can offer your full-featured product on trial basis and watch your customers convert to pay for it. Choose the license life type that you see suitable for the nature of your product. There is no need to develop two versions of the same product - one feature-poor as the trial version and one full-featured as the real product that generates revenue. Licmax™ allows you to limit the number of times a device can download your trial product.

Online App Stores

l i c m a x ™ can handle requests for license keys from any online app store including your own site. The store sends the request to the URL of the application owner's designation each time it sells a copy of the application. Each store has its own set of parameters and complexities therefore requires special handling. If you use licmax™, you'd be reliefed from the burden of having to specially handle each store requests.

All Platforms Supported
All Platforms Supported

Verification for Dynamic and Hashed license keys can be made from any platform. Reference implementations for license key verification in connected and disconnected modes are provided for all major platforms.